English – The language of the Internet

15977840_284779141937165_8401567007657098906_nEnglish is de facto the language of the Internet and ICT space. Every child is well-served with a good practical knowledge of English for a successful professional career later in life .

It’s therefore imperative to provide an environment for every child to learn English words and expressions without being in a formal course of study that takes a great deal of planning and much costs. Such a facility should be readily available and free.

W5GO www.w5go.com proposes to let the child play apps and games and be having fun and be entertained and gaining knowledge on practical things in life while being presented with English words and expressions along with digital graphics and interactions and Augmented Reality (AR) productions.

W5GO Project plans to have 100 apps and games each of which presents the child with at least 20 new English words and expressions.

It is hoped that the child would have learned a. minimum of 2000 English words and expressions by osmosis, a natural process of transfer and absorption, when he/she has completed playing all 100 W5GO apps and games.

W5GO is a social project; all W5GO apps are on topics introducing facts and figures that have endured the tests of time. They are free for download.

For details please go to www.w5go.com.


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