W5Go App on Dialogue

Here’s a riddle everyone can have fun with:  “What is the longest word in the English language?”  The correct answer is the word “Smiles”

Why?  Because there is a mile between the two  S…S.

W5GO episode on Dialogue consists of 3 examples:

(1) A chat between GrandPa and Granddaughter about “ Knowledge and Experience”

(2) A talk between GrandMa and Grandson about Cleanliness


and (3) Granddaughter learning from GrandPa why it is important to smile and GrandPa and Granddaughter singing along with famous songs with lyrics on Smiles.


Download now from Google Play and Apple App Store.

W5GO apps and games are designed to be a fun, entertaining, informative and unobtrusive way to have a child learn new words and expressions in English by Osmosis – a natural way of transfer and absorption.

Check out W5GO and you will be glad you did.


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