How to Pick a Children’s Educational App

With all the advancements in technology, it only seems natural to slowly introduce your child to electronics. The best way to ease a child into learning technology would be by giving them educational apps to play. Not only do they experience new technology but they also inherit many more educational benefits. 

Four Tips for choosing Children’s Educational apps! 

KidsPlayingW5go.pngA good mix of education and entertainment!

When children are interested in something, they become excited about learning. Find an app that engages your child and encourages them to push further and incite excitement in education. Find apps with a variety of learning experiences like art, maths or sciences. Discovering something new and having many different ways of learning is a great asset in an app to ensure a child doesn’t become bored. App series often have the same set of characters in each app, but new gameplay and lessons available. Series are a great way for children to connect, learn and grow with characters like Dora, or Clifford. 

Join the fun!

It is proven that children learn more when their parents partake in their education. This starts with selecting an app for your child. Many of your children’s favorite characters have been made into educational apps, so that’s a great place to start!

Portrait of beautiful mother with her daughters listening to music at home.

Play along with them, when first purchasing the app run through the app with them. This not only lets you review the app, ensuring they are learning at their level and content you would approve of, but also squeezes in some good quality family time

Take turns with who gets to control the screen and select the next level. Children look up to you and if they see you having fun learning they are likely to mimic you!

Read reviews and stick to the age range 

Is the app right for your child and what they can do? Not all 4-year-olds are created equal, so different apps will appeal to different children at different times. 

Ask yourself, is this a skill or storyline my child is capable of following right now?

Touch screen technology is a significant advancement in technology for young children – it’s easy and intuitive for kids to navigate.  For pre-readers, make sure there are audio cues and not just words on a screen.

Talk to other parents about the apps their children enjoy, and why.  Ask them if you can test their app before you buy it for your child.

Review ratings and reviews – by other parents, and on sites like Common Sense Media – and look at the apps that have received Parent’s Choice awards. 

Sort out the marketer’s 

Many apps labeled “lite” or “free” often try and make their money through other sources such as annoying ads, virtual items, virtual currency or links to other app downloads. This can become very frustrating to the child who wants to play and the parent being harassed to pay. When buying an app look at the store listing, they will usually say in-app purchases or ads. It is recommended you play through the app once to see what these purchase are and if the ads are age appropriate. Some children’s “free” games are designed as previews and later require a subscription to gain further content. 

What is W5Go?

Our goal is to create a large collection of immersive educational applications that are available to everyone. Throughout the applications, we aim to help children learn English, by teaching 20+ words in every application. The best way to learn a language is through immersion, we introduce English through voice-over, graphics, and text.   All of our applications are free to download, free from advertisements, no internet required and do not have any in-app purchases.


All of our episodes are geared towards children aged 4-12. With bright colors and graphics, we want children to learn English and simples concepts such as proper hygiene, through a fun interactive environment. We want to encourage children to use their imagination, explore and have fun while learning! We believe that any topic can be taught to a child, by simply breaking it down into the five W’s (Who, What, Where, When and Why).  We want to encourage children to always ask the five W’s. When they question how things work and ask “why not” or “what if” they are constantly learning and embracing creativity. In all of our episodes, we go through the five W’s and let the child guess what the answers could be before explaining.

Why AR/ VR Technology?


W5Go focuses on creating virtual environments for children to learn, explore and use their imagination in the safety of their own home.  With so many advancements in technology is it important for children to have an even balance of traditional learning and new mobile learning. Our applications are VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) enabled. Since this technology is becoming such a large part of everyday life, experiencing this technology from a young age is very beneficial, and our applications are meant to complement a child’s traditional education. They feature augmented and virtual reality scenes that are fun, interactive and safe for children. They are based on anchored points and do not require a headset. Which means your child will not have to move around to experience it and will have full visibility at all times. 


What advantages does W5GO™ offer?

Resourcefulness – it is a properly researched selection of essential information on important topics for the upbringing of a childAvailability – the information and learning materials are readily available to the child on demand with the use of a SmartphoneEvolution – W5Go Project subscribes to the Wiki notion for collaborative development. Teachers and specialists in child education are invited to give us feedback and to contribute to the development of W5Go Project.

Currently, we have 14 applications available across several platforms. All are free to download, free from advertisements, no internet required and have no in-app purchases. Our vision is to create 100 episodes “Chapters” of W5Go so that children everywhere have the chance to learn English and experience AR/VR technology.