The New Canadian Food Guide

The Canadian food guide pretty much hasn’t been changed since 1977 when they first released it. The beginning of this year they have unveiled a new food guide focusing more on fruits and vegetables and less on meats.

Let’s see what they have changed. 


The old food guide was based on the Four Food Groups: milk products, meat and alternatives, grains, and fruits and vegetables.

The new guide has reduced the groups to just three food groups. Fruits and vegetables,  whole grains and protein. Encouraging Canadians to stray away from the traditional meats heavy meals and to focus more on eating plants.

The new “protein” category may be a little bit confusing for people that are used to the older guide. How can we put meats, dairy, and vegetables all into one umbrella category? Though many studies they have determined that protein from plant sources has the most positive effects on health. The new guide says. “The regular intake of plant-based foods – vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and plant-based proteins – can have positive effects on health,” including lower risk of cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

We often don’t look at our vegetables and think “Protein” but in fact, vegetables are a great source of protein and nutrients.

Top 5 Protein Rich Vegetables  
(Per One Cup)

  1. Cooked Peas        8 Grams
  2. Spinach                5 Grams
  3. Soybeans            15 Grams
  4. Corn                      5 Grams
  5. Broccoli                4 Grams

The new guide has been simplified, throwing away the portions section and replacing it with a simple visual of what your plate should ideally look like. Focusing mostly on fruits and vegetables, as well as making water the drink of choice.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 12.50.50 PM


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