About W5Go

W5Go™ is a Social Project by Ecocarrier Inc. where we develop interactive VR/AR-enabled educational apps and games for children 5-8.  All our apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices and help kids learn something valuable through technology, and only with the minimal supervision of their parents & teachers.

Our goal is to create an extensive collection of immersive educational applications that are available for everyone. Our episodes feature 360 photos, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Throughout applications, we aim to help children learn English, by teaching 20+ words in every application. The best way to learn a language is through immersion, we introduce English through voice-over, graphics, and text. All of our applications are free to download.

Check out our latest app release Healthy Kids!


W5Go Healthy Kids Seasons! 

This app features three episodes; Food Groups, 5 Senses, and Personal Hygiene.

Download Here!  

Google Play
Apple Store 

This app is the perfect combination of education and entertainment, it includes child safe Augmented and Virtual reality simulations bringing a fun new element to learning!

Explore how we take care of our bodies to keep us happy and healthy!

Healthy Kids is a collection of apps exploring how our bodies work and the many ways we need to take care of our bodies. Designed for children in preschool and kindergarten, these fun learning games get children excited to learn how they take care of their bodies.

Download Here!  

Google Play
Apple Store 



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