AR Dollhouse – Interactive Dollhouse for Kids with AR-enabled Features

After getting a lot of success for its version 1.0, the new AR Dollhouse, version 2.0 has now available on Google Play and App Store.

The concept of the game is still the same i.e. getting your kids familiar with furniture/household items and their correct placements within the dollhouse; however, the interactive features and use of Augmented Reality has a lot more improved.

What’s New:

  • You can choose the duration for playing the game.
  • You can call the truck, loaded with a package of a household item and renovate the Dollhouse with whole new stuff every time.
  • You can simply tap on a room to place the household item.
  • Now there is a button for users, using which they can rotate the 3D dollhouse and see its other rooms.
  • You’ll get 10 points for placing the household item correctly and lose 5 points for its wrong placement.
  • We have added some interactive learning features for your kids, including the beautiful flash animations – So they can learn from their mistakes.

If you have an idea about making this an even more amusing, entertaining and interactive learning game, please write to us at


W5Go App on Dialogue

Here’s a riddle everyone can have fun with:  “What is the longest word in the English language?”  The correct answer is the word “Smiles”

Why?  Because there is a mile between the two  S…S.

W5GO episode on Dialogue consists of 3 examples:

(1) A chat between GrandPa and Granddaughter about “ Knowledge and Experience”

(2) A talk between GrandMa and Grandson about Cleanliness


and (3) Granddaughter learning from GrandPa why it is important to smile and GrandPa and Granddaughter singing along with famous songs with lyrics on Smiles.


Download now from Google Play and Apple App Store.

W5GO apps and games are designed to be a fun, entertaining, informative and unobtrusive way to have a child learn new words and expressions in English by Osmosis – a natural way of transfer and absorption.

Check out W5GO and you will be glad you did.

English – The language of the Internet

15977840_284779141937165_8401567007657098906_nEnglish is de facto the language of the Internet and ICT space. Every child is well-served with a good practical knowledge of English for a successful professional career later in life .

It’s therefore imperative to provide an environment for every child to learn English words and expressions without being in a formal course of study that takes a great deal of planning and much costs. Such a facility should be readily available and free.

W5GO proposes to let the child play apps and games and be having fun and be entertained and gaining knowledge on practical things in life while being presented with English words and expressions along with digital graphics and interactions and Augmented Reality (AR) productions.

W5GO Project plans to have 100 apps and games each of which presents the child with at least 20 new English words and expressions.

It is hoped that the child would have learned a. minimum of 2000 English words and expressions by osmosis, a natural process of transfer and absorption, when he/she has completed playing all 100 W5GO apps and games.

W5GO is a social project; all W5GO apps are on topics introducing facts and figures that have endured the tests of time. They are free for download.

For details please go to

W5GO App on Imagination

“There is no future without Imagination” that is the take-away for every child that plays W5GO #App on #Imagination.

Imagination begins with posing the questions

“What if…?” and “Why not…?”

Imagination Episode Short Demo Trailer Educational Games apps for children YouTube

The #child is urged to always ask such #questions. The W5GO app explains how / what great #inventions result from such inquisition and imagination.

The development of your child’s #brain and #mind is greatly enhanced with vast volume of neuron connection activity with such #inquisition and imagination.

Take advantage of the great facility provided at

Watch out this video and download the app here:

Dialogues by W5Go

It’s a good idea to introduce your 3-6 years old to some interesting #Dialogue between

a #Grandma and her #Grandson on #Cleanliness

a #GrandPa and his Granddaughter on #Knowledge and #Experience

a GrandPa and his #Granddaughter on #Smiles and some singing along and some riddle

#Kids, #Children, #Parents, #Teachers – Visit for #AR enabled #InteractiveApps, #Games, #FunLearning #Episodes and #Dialogues.

W5GO is an endeavour towards helping the busy parents

Young parents today are both busy with business and work trying very hard to establish themselves in good positions in the world.

19029576_361385117609900_2083417477501243509_nAs such, not enough attention is paid to edifying their #child or #children in their formative years. Often time the child is left to their own devices and to sitting in front of a TV and be exposed to sights and sounds that have long lasting (damaging) effects on them.

We need to be #WiseParents, #Guardians and #CareGivers to the very young and give them the best situation to grow and to learn.

19149073_361385200943225_9056703322734425415_nIt is imperative that we do the right thing for the next generation. Their future and ours depends on us doing our very best.

#W5GO is an endeavour towards helping the busy #Parents in giving their children useful and suitable materials and environment for capturing their attention and for occupying their time.

It is also an attempt in levelling the playing field between the haves and the have-nots among the populace.

It is a #SocialProject. All W5GO #Apps and #Games are free of charge for download.

Please go to for details.

About W5Go

18954746_358918361189909_4446336890051316873_oW5Go is designed to raise the digital consciousness of the populace starting with the very young. It introduces the child to #DigitalTechniques and #Technology in beautiful computer #Graphics, #FlashAnimations and #AugmentedReality in a #Fun and #Entertaining way. It is also a good interactive way for the child to learn #English words and expressions while playing the W5Go apps and games. The W5Go #Apps and #Games are the #teacher, the #Child simply learns by osmosis.