Imagination A Preschool Adventure


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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

Imagination is the base for everything.  Look around you everything you see came from an idea, a spark of imagination. W5Go’s imagination episode wants to fire up a child’s imagination. We believe you can always push further and dig deeper by asking questions like What if? and Why not? 

This episode features stunning visuals in virtual and augmented reality! Don’t worry you do not need any fancy headset to experience these, all you need is a phone with a back facing camera. We want children to experience the newest technology, in the safest and affordable ways. In all of our applications, virtual reality is experienced by holding your phone up, not through a headset; thus you can always see what is around you making it much safer.


  • Interactive VR & AR Scenes
  • Learn pronunciation with Voice-Overs
  • Interactive mini-games
  • 20+ English words to learn
  • Ad-free, no in-app purchases and no wi-fi needed
  • Real life-based visuals

Imagination Chapters

Let’s GO Imagine!

Fire up your imagination with this fun inspiriting song that teaches the 5 W’s. and the importance of asking questions, pushing boundaries with What if? and Why not?

Doors to Imagination! 

Open the door to endless possibilities! In this augmented reality scene looks around you, discover doors, tap to open and see where your imagination takes you! 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This chapter has a selection of four careers a child may want to go into, athlete, scientist, sea explorer and astronaut. Pick a career and explore them in virtual reality.

Sea Explorer: This scene is in virtual reality. Move your phone to look around the sea floor and click on sea creatures to see what they do!

Astronaut: Astronauts have a tough job, help them land their spaceship. Tap on a rocket to safely land on the planet.

Scientist: Come into the lab and mix the liquids on the table to create different colours!

Athlete: Join the team at the W5Go stadium, practice basketball and test your skills.

The Showroom

IMG_0236Imagination paves the way for our future! Imagination is the driving forces behind innovation. It is the reason we’ve gone to the moon, made phones pocket-sized, have cars that can go 301 miles per hour and so much more!
In the interactive virtual showroom look around and see how many common day to day items have changed throughout the years.

What if? Why not?

IMG_0246This chapter focuses on what happened when someone questioned What if? And why not?  We want to encourage children to question what they see and challenge imagination by asking these questions to dig deeper!

Questions like, what if we could go to the moon? Answer: We went to the moon in 1969!

Each question has funny animations to accompany them. Your child will watch through the question animation and will have to interact (click a button, find something) to discover the answers!

This chapter will cycle through questions, every time you play there will be a different set of facts to learn.

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