Halloween Safety Guide

Halloween is one of the busiest nights of the year. Children running through the streets, so excited about their costumes and candy. With so many things happening, unfortunately, accidents are bound to happen. Best way to avoid an accident is to talk to your children about road and candy safety.410598-PD3A0R-117

Walk Safely

  • Use crosswalks and traffic signals to cross the street
  • Look left and right twice and carefully cross
  • Put the phones away and pay attention to your surroundings
  • Teach children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing
  • Always use sidewalks or paths. If you must walk on the road, walk facing towards traffic and as close to the curb as possible.
  • Be aware of your surrounding! Be careful of cars backing up out of driveways or turning.
  • Never dart out into the street or cross between parked cars. Make yourself seen!
  • Set a “Lost & Found” location in case you get separated you’ll meet back there.
  • Write you’re phone number on their bag, hand or shoes. Seems ridiculous but this is really just a just in case. Let’s hope they’ll never need it.

Costumes for both Safety and Creativity

  • Try and choose brightly coloured costumes, that are easy to spot.
  • Use bags that can be reflective or can put reflective tape and stickers on them.
  • Give your children flashlights, glow sticks or fun lights so they can be easily seen
  • Choose faceprint over masks. Mask can obstruct vision and can be difficult to move, see and breathe in.
  • Tailor the costume to ensure it is the right size, preventing trips and falls.

Candy Check

  • Discard candy that has tears or holes in the wrappers or other signs of damage, like discolouration.
  • Homemade treats are only okay if they come from close family and friends.OBONBE0.jpg If one ends up in your child’s bag, it may just be safe to throw it out.
  • Depending on your child’s age, toss any candy that could be a choking hazard.
  • Teach children what to look for (ripped wrappers, homemade and discolouration)
  • If your child has allergies, check labels!

As a Parent and a Driver

  • Drive slowly in residential neighbourhoods. With so much going on, and unpredictable children be on high alert for children.
  • Take the time to double check when going through intersections or turning
  • PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE. It only takes a second for an accident to occur. Be 100% attentive while driving. Distractions cause accidents.
  • Enter and exit the parking garages, laneways and driveways slowly.
  • The most popular time for trick-or-treating is 5-10pm. If you don’t absolutely have to leave the house during that time, don’t. One less car on the road is one less potential for an accident.

Keep Medicines Far Away

With all the excitement of candy, children may not see the difference between an M&M and a Tylenol. Approximately 60,000 young children are brought to the emergency room each year because they got into medicines that were left within reach. More information here.

  • Keep them stored away  
  • Make sure the cap is on correctly
  • Talk to your children about how medicine is not Candy
  • Keep medicine in original packaging
  • Be prepared for Poison Prevention Information call 1-800-222-1222



Halloween is meant to be fun! Be on the lookout, keep yourself safe and enjoy!

Have a Happy Halloween from all of us at W5Go!