Learn to Count with W5Go!


What are Digits? Digits are the numbers 0-9! This fun educational app is designed to show children the many ways we use numbers to count, sort and track many things. Teaching them the basic 0-10 and simple using groups to count. 

Discover when we use numbers with examples like counting dogs, running a race or counting sheep. Explore why we use numbers, why we count in groups, who uses numbers, where we use number and more!  

Key Features:

  • Learn numbers 0-10 and more!
  • Fine tune motor-skills with touch interactive
  • Fun animations
  • Text & voice over
  • Learn 20+ words
  • Free, No in-app purchases, No wifi required & No Ads 

This app is designed for children 4-8 to complement their traditional education. Throughout this lesson, you will be asked a variety of questions about time, have time to think and they will be given the answer.  We want to encourage children to dig deeper by asking questions like what if and why not.



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