Eco-Friendly Fathers Day Ideas for Kids

Fathers Day is almost here! Which means children will be putting their crafty creativity to work, showing how much they appreciate their Dad with adorable gifts. A lot of presents and craft making creates a lot of unnecessary waste. So how can we make special days like Fathers Day a bit more eco-friendly?

The Traveling Man 

Does Dad travel a lot or have a long commute in the morning? These gifts may be just what he needs.


Thoughtful Traveller – You can do this at home or go to a pottery store that has classes. If you choose to craft at home, you can purchase a ceramic travel mug for your child decorate. There are many kinds of paints and markers you can decorate ceramic with, make sure that the paint you choose is non-toxic. Here is a great tutorial on how to paint ceramic. Wikihow.

Travel mugs are very useful, and by using a travel mug, you can cut down on the number of coffee cups going to landfills as well as save money by making coffee or tea from home. It’s a win-win for everyone! 


Eco-Friendly Travel- Put together an eco-friendly travel bag of everything he may need while on the road. Personalize this for your Dad but focus on making it eco-friendly that’s the challenge. Items such as reusable cutlery, straws, and clothes are a great way to start. Drink Tea Travel has many eco-friendly travel products and ideas! Add a personal touch by decorating the bag with drawings for Fathers day.


The Gardener 

If Dad has a green thumb, these gifts are perfect for him and the environment.



Plant a Fathers Day Tree – Spend time with Dad and show your child how to plant a tree. This directly gives back to the environment, encourages family bonding time, and is a nice keepsake you’ll watch grow with you.

You Rock! Decorate rocks for Dad with loving messages and place them in the garden. You can find rocks just about anywhere from the beach to the dollar store. Clean them up and paint them with loving, inspirational messages to show Dad just how much you appreciate him.


Birdies –  Depending on how much time you have and your child’s age you can build or buy a birdhouse/feeder to paint for the garden. Many craft stores such as Micheals have a variety of birdhouses/feeders you can put together for an adorable gift.

These houses can stay in your garden for years as a beautiful keepsake and also invite little birds to have a place they call their own.


Stepping Stones- This project will need assistance from an adult as it requires mixing concrete. Pour the concrete into a mould of the shape you want which could be an oval, butterfly, square use your imagination! 

Create designs in the concrete with recycled and earth-friendly materials such as dull glass, sea shells, old keys, rocks, and marbles. To personalize it more you can add hand or footprints as well as sign and date the stone while it is still wet.

The Chef

Whos in the kitchen?  Bake Dad his favourite dessert! If Dad enjoys baking, spend the day in the kitchen baking together. This an excellent activity no matter what age your child is. Help them practice their motor skills or teach them measurements while having family bonding time. There is no better present than being present, and these are memories you will cherish forever.


Need ideas on what to bake? Here are 15 of Best Fathers Day Desserts.


Utensil Holders –  Decorate mason jars with paint, twine and everything you can find! Have fun and fire up your child’s imagination to create something Dad will love. Mason jars are very versatile you can use this as a cup, candle holder, piggy bank and more!


Aprons –  Every chef needs an apron! Find a white apron from any crafts or department store and have your child customize it. If you can find a child’s size apron, you can make matching Daddy and me aprons. These are a great eco-friendly gift because they are reusable and last for years to come.

Fathers Day is a time to think of everything your Dad has done for you. Show how much you appreciate all they have done. Children may not fully understand why we have family days like these but they will when they are older. Use these holidays to create wonderful memories! Happy Fathers Day!


There is no better present than being present.