Free Educational App Forests for Children!

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Raining outside? Enjoy the wonders of the forest from the warm comforts of home.     In this fun-filled adventure, your child will explore the virtual forests of  W5Go! They will discover what creates a forest, who lives in a forest, the sounds of a forest and the basics of photosynthesis.

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VR iSpy game
VR footprints to animals
Discover species
Basics of Photosynthesis
Learn English
Ad-free, no in-app purchases
Real life-based visuals


After playing through the Forest Episode your child will be able to identify the four seasons, various trees and plants and where trees and plants get their food.  Enjoy a virtual reality interactive game of iSPY, look for the different animals in the forest and watch as they scurry away when you find them!

In a virtual reality simulation, you will stumble upon footprints left behind by various creatures of the forest. Interact with these footprints to get a closer look and watch as the animal who left them comes to life through animation.

Using augmented reality, a globe will appear and visually show the four seasons around the world. Explaining the basics of northern and southern hemispheres and how when it is winter in one hemisphere is it summer in the other.

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Learn English while venturing through the forest, several words will appear on the screen, and are featured in the voice-over. This will improve spelling, pronunciation,  vocabulary, listening skills, and overall communication.

Ask and discover the 5W’s of the Forest! What is the forest? Who lives in the forest? Why are they so important? Where do plants and trees find their food? When can we visit the forest?



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Learning Time with W5Go!

Time! What is time? Who uses time? Where do we use time? When do we use time? And why do we need time? All important questions we need answered to understand how time works! 

In this interactive educational app for children, come explore the 5w’s of Time. Discover the many ways we measure time, how we tell time and when time is used in many different situations. 

This app encourages a child to go above and beyond learning, taking what they have learned and push further by asking What if and Why not? Engaging the child to think critically about what they have learned and use their imagination to provoke innovation. 

Key Features: 

  • Learn past, present & future
  • AR & VR scenes
  • Ways to tell time: Analog, Digital, Sundial etc. 
  • 20+ English words to learn
  • Ad-free, no in-app purchases
  • Real life-based visuals

This application features scenes of basic Augmented and Virtual simulations. These scenes have been designed specifically for children to be introduced to new technology in the safest way. All AR/VR scenes do not require headsets, allowing a child to have full visibility at all times, and are based on anchored (Marker) points, meaning they will not have to move around but simply just look around. It is still suggested to use caution but is much safer this way.  

This app is designed for children 4-8 to complement their traditional education. Throughout this lesson, you will be asked a variety of questions about time, have time to think and they will be given the answer.  We want to encourage children to dig deeper by asking questions like what if and why not.

All of our applications are free to download, free from advertisements, no internet required and do not have any in-app purchases. They feature augmented and virtual reality scenes that are fun, interactive and safe for children. They are based on anchored points and do not require a headset. Which means your child will not have to move around to experience it and will have full visibility at all times. 

Each episode aims to promote many of the UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). This episode focuses on Gender Equality by being accessible to all genders and showing images of both genders equally participating in activities such as soccer.  As well as Quality Education for all by providing our apps across many platforms free so children from around the world are able to access our educational material.

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