Mind & Body App for Children


Mind and body is an episode within W5Go’s Healthy Bodies mobile app. The app is free to download, no in-app purchases, no ads and does not require wi-fi making it a perfect education app for road trips. 

Having a healthy body means taking care of your body inside and out! This episode covers the importance of Stretching, Aerobics, Strength & Mental Health. Learn how each topic helps the body stay healthy and strong. Join the W5Go kids in simple bodyweight exercises, learn body parts, play a sports memory game and more!  

Having a healthy mind is equally as important as having a strong body. We want to help break the stigma of Mental Health by introducing children to the basics of having a positive mind. We talk about feeling sad and what to do when you feel sad, with simple breathing exercises, how to help feelings, a song about bullying and a simple quiz. Upon completing this episode, a child will have a basic understanding of mental health and how to cope with situations.   

Key Features:

  • Simple body weight exercises for children to follow along
  • Fun animations, games, quizzes 
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Spelling and Pronunciation: On-screen text & voice over  
  • 20+ Fun Mind & Body Facts 

Download Available Soon!

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Healthy Kids Children’s App!


Learn the 5 senses, the food groups, hygiene, mental health, and exercise! 


Download Here!  

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                     W5go is proud to present their first ever season Healthy Bodies!
Healthy Kids is a collection of episodes exploring how our bodies work and the many ways we need to take care of our bodies. Designed for children 5-8 years old dive into this adventure-filled season and learn what we can do to keep our bodies happy and healthy! 

healthybodies_menuThis season features four episodes: 

The 5 Senses, Hygiene, The Food Groups, and Mind & Body.

The perfect combination of education and entertainment, this app includes child safe Augmented and Virtual reality simulations bringing a fun new element to learning! 

Download Available here! 

In addition to these four episodes enjoy three educational songs. 

Imagination: Spark your imagination with this fun song about imagination. 

Don’t Be a Bully: Before you act or say it…pause… and ask yourself. And then what?

Look, Listen & Learn: Inspired by Cherokee Proverb look, listen and learn! Discover new depths to the world around you. 

Full-length games! Each episode has fun interactive games designed to emphasize what they have learned, play through the episode to unlock the full-length games such as; the coloring book, apple catch, dress-up, hidden object, cake decorating and more! 

Colouring book, Quizzes, Hidden Object, Apple Catch, Jigsaws, Cake Decorating, Laundry Loads,  Dressing Room and more!  

Designed to aid in childhood development focusing on: 
-Memory                                           – Attention to Detail                             – English Literacy 
-Knowledge                                     – Vocabulary                                           – Logic & Reasoning 
-Motor-Skills                                    – Problem Solving                                 – Creativity 
– Sequencing 

Five Senses

HealthSeasons_Buttons_0000s_0001_Vector-Smart-ObjectEvery day we use our five senses to experience the world around us. By developing a strong understanding of how each sense works alone and together a child is able to further understand the world around them.

What are the 5 senses? Sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell! In this episode, you will dig deeper and discover the 5w’s, the who, what, where, when & why of each sense. Featuring fun animations, facts, sorting games, and a virtual sounds of the forest game this episode is sure to expand on a child’s basic knowledge of their five senses.  

Key Features: 

  • Word Match 
  • Spelling & Pronunciation: Voice over with on-screen text   
  • 20+ Fun Facts about the Five Senses 
  • Interactive VR & AR: Sounds of the Forest & What Smells? 


The Food Groups

HealthSeasons_Buttons_0000s_0002_Layer-3Our bodies need fuel to work properly! We fuel our bodies with food! Written based on the Canadian Food guide, this episode explains the Four food groups and the additional group Fats, Salts & Oils. Learn the nutritional value of each food group, what foods and alternatives are in each group and the importance of a balanced diet. 

Through fun interactive like slicing bread, harvesting vegetables, apple catch, virtual barbecuing, cake decorating and more your child will have fun learning about the food groups, nutrition, and simple food preparations. 

Key Features: 

  • Interactive games and scenes; sort food groups, build the food pyramid, decorate a cake and more! 
  • Interactive VR & AR 
  • Spelling and Pronunciation: On-screen text & voice over   
  • 20+ Fun Facts about the food groups 
  • Learn the number of servings a day you need of each 



This episode covers the basics of personal hygiene; bathing, hand-washing, toilet hygiene, and laundry. Often being able to do your own hygiene routine is the first bit of independence for a child. Showing by example and explaining the importance of a good personal hygiene routine can help a child develop a good personal hygiene routine of their own. 

Though-out this episode fun interactions with the W5Go characters will explain how each part of a healthy hygiene routine is important to maintaining a healthy body. 

Key Features: 

  • Spot the difference: Attention to details  
  • Sequencing Games: Toothbrush & Hand-washing
  • 20+ Fun Hygiene Facts 
  • Spelling and Pronunciation: On-screen text & voice over  
  • AR Laundry Game & VR Bathroom Menu 


Mind & Body 

Having a healthy body means taking care of your body inside and out! This episode covers the importance of Stretching, Aerobics, Strength & Mental Health. Learn how each topic helps the body stay healthy and strong. Join the W5Go kids in simple bodyweight exercises, learn body parts, play a sports memory game and more!  

Having a healthy mind is equally as important as having a strong body. We want to help break the stigma of Mental Health by introducing children to the basics of having a positive mind. We talk about feeling sad and what to do when you feel sad, with simple breathing exercises, how to help feelings, a song about bullying and a simple quiz. Upon completing this episode, a child will have a basic understanding of mental health and how to cope with situations.   

Key Features:

  • Simple body weight exercises for children to follow along
  • Fun animations, games, quizzes 
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Spelling and Pronunciation: On-screen text & voice over  
  • 20+ Fun Mind & Body Facts 


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14 Free W5Go Mobile Apps for Children


Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 1.46.01 PM

Fire up your imagination with this fun inspiriting song that teaches the 5 W’s. and the importance of asking questions, pushing boundaries with What if? and Why not?

Google Play 

App Store 




Venture into virtual forests, discovering what creates a forest, who lives in a forest, the sounds of a forest and the basics of photosynthesis. Identify seasons, trees and plants. Follow footprints to find out who makes them and what sounds they make.
Google Play 

App Store 

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.21.00 PM



Learning about culture and diversity is very important in this rapidly growing world. Teaching your child with friendly greetings in other languages will give them the knowledge of how to welcome others from different cultures.

Google Play 

App Store 



Books & Reading


Explore the Who, What, Where, When and Why’s of reading! In this interactive mobile app, your child will learn all about all the different kinds of books and reading materials available

Google Play

App Store

SlideMe AR_Books_Reading




Learn about Water, its sources and states, the importance of Water and even about its chemical formula i.e. H2O. Regular intake of Water, Causes of Dehydration, and Results of Extreme Dehydration.

 Google Play 

App Store

SlideMe IMG_0148.PNG




Interactive AR/VR app that focuses on the 5W’s of music and how we make music. Have fun and make your own songs with instruments in AR.

Google Play

App Store 



AR DollHouse

Become familiar with furniture/household items and their correct placements within the Dollhouse. Place household goods/furniture correctly, e.g. “Stove” has to be placed within the kitchen, “Bed” has to be placed in the bedroom and so on.

Google Play

App Store 


Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 9.46.19 AM.png



A simple addition and subtraction game for children. Look at the equation in the top left corner and collect the apple with the correct value on it to complete the equation.

Google Play



Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 9.46.53 AM



Count along and learn numbers 1-100, focusing on mainly 1-10. Learn many different ways we can count, on our fingers, a talley, and with animals. Find out where and when we use numbers!

Google Play

App Store


Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 9.50.23 AM.png


Noise Button

Sound, Noise, and Hearing is designed for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners and
explains them about Noise, Sound, Hearing, and Listening. It describes them
about the Healthy Hearing, Importance, and Need of Good Hearing, about
Hearing the Sound, Unpleasant and Pleasant Sounds.
Google Play

App Store





Explore the 5W’s of time! Who uses time?What is time? Where do we use time? When do we keep time? Why do we use time?
Google Play

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Dialogue_Icon.psd_0000s_0002_Layer-1“Dialogues for Children” is a Wonderful App for Preschoolers and Kindergartners, based on Interesting Conversations between, Grandpa, Grandma to their Grandson, Granddaughter – explaining them about the following important topics:
1. Knowledge and Experience. 2. Hygiene and Cleanliness 3. Smile.
Google Play

App Store

SlideMeScreen Shot 2018-08-28 at 1.18.07 PM.png

Addition & Subtraction 

add-subtract icon-1
Addition and Subtraction is a fun interactive app that introduces children basic addition and subtraction, focusing mainly on numbers 0-10. Learning is always fun when cupcakes and puppies are involved. Count the animals in various photos, and cupcakes on the tray. Share and divide the cupcakes with your W5Go friends!
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Helping Children Deal With Bullies

As a parent, there is not much you can do to stop your child from experiencing bullying, but you play a major role in how they deal with a bully. Bullying can happen at any age and can affect many aspects of life, causing anxiety, depressions, suicidal thoughts and can negatively affect schooling. With 47% of Canadian parents reporting their child being a victim of bullying, what can we do to prevent bullying or ease the situation?


Identify the Signs

Sometimes children will try to hide that they are being bullied because they are embarrassed and are unsure what to do. There are some tell-tale signs that your child may be a victim of bullying. Signs to watch out for; missing belongings/ torn clothes,
troubles sleeping, avoiding school, grades slipping, anxiety, stomachaches, headaches, and mood swings. 

If you believe your child is experiencing bullying, try and have an open conversation about it. Ask them how they are feeling and if something is bugging them. Let them know your there to help and listen. They may not want your help, but they do need your support. If your child is experiencing extreme anxiety or depression from bullying and will not talk to you, seek an older mentor (family friend) or a counsellor that may be able to help them sort through what’s happening.

Why do people Bully?

There are a million reasons why people choose to bully. Usually, the bully is trying to fill a void where they need to feel superior in some sort of way. They often pick a victim they think is emotionally or physically weaker than them, or is different from the social norm and an easy target. Often children that bully are reflecting the way have been treated at home or school. 

We all have a role to play!

O6EWSI0.jpgBullying prevention starts at home, but teachers, principles and organizations have a role to play too. If you notice your child acting out towards others or teachers are calling you about your child’s behaviour, there are steps you can take to prevent your child from being a bully.

Make sure your child understands that what they do and say can impact others in a negatively and that their recent behaviour is a problem.

Angry couple arguing behind a sad girl at home

Let your child know that bullying is very serious and will not be tolerated. When talking to your child about bullying use a calm tone and be an example of respectful behaviour. 

Talk to your child and see how their feeling. Try to find out why they may have been bullying in the first place. Were they trying to fit in at school? Are they picking up on emotions from home? Are they experiencing divorce? Do their siblings pick on them? 


There are 7 skills bullies need in order to change

 Responsibility-Being able to take responsibility for their actions.

Empathy-Understand how the other person may feel in that situation

Anger Management-Reduce episode of lashing out in a negative way


Impulse Control-Stop and think about what they are about to do or say

Self-esteem– Finding happiness within themselves

Inclusive-Being able to realize popularity isn’t everything

Respect -Realize everyone deserves to be respected

This article from very well family goes more in-depth about these skills and how to achieve them.



How can I support a child dealing with bullying?

Both the bully and victim need support after an episode of bullying.


Have an open conversation about what happened. Ask them how you can help to make them feel safe.Sad pupil sitting alone on ground at corridor Remind them that it is not their fault and that people often bully because they are unhappy with themselves.

Get them involved in activities to boost their self-esteem. Sports, music or crafting activities will help them find a place they feel comfortable making friends and improving self-worth. Let them know they have people they can talk to, and they are not going through this alone.

Never! Tell the child to ignore the bullying. Blame the child for being bullied. Encourage fighting back. Always tell your child to seek a teacher or friend while being physically bullied. Fighting back could hurt the child and result in punishment for them. Contact the other parents involved, this is the teacher’s job and could create future problems.


Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.07.30 PM copy.png

Talk it out! Where this is aggression coming from? Get them involved in activities to boost their self-esteem and socialize. People that are happy do not hurt others. Involve them in repairing the situation, have them write an apology. They will think more about their actions if they have to write it down.

If they broke or stole something, have them physically help fix what they broke or return what they took

Never! Blame the child or call them names. The child is clearly struggling with their own inner issues and that will only bring more negativity to the situation


W5Go has produced a song for children about the importance of thinking before you act. We believe that by pausing and thinking about what you do or what you say can greatly change the outcome of a situation. 

What you say and do could hurt others feelings, which is why you should always pause and ask yourself “And then what?”. What might happen if I say this? How will they respond? How will they feel? For more about our views on thinking before you act check out this article “And then what?” By W5Go founder Carl KS Teo. 

Importance of Being Present: Physically, Emotionally and Mentally

In this chaotic world where our minds are constantly multi-tasking, how often do we really mentally live in the present? We are surrounded by cellphones, hectic schedules, media, meetings and so much more, it is so easy for our minds to slip in and out of the present. For instance, how many times during a work meeting or a class do you find your mind wandering? I know a boring situation, but what if you had been fully mentally present? Would you of had a new idea, a different perspective, a better understanding of an ongoing project?

What does being present mean? It is more than just being physically there it is also being connected emotionally and mentally to your surroundings. Knowing what is going on around you and what you are doing right now.

A lot of performers are calling for cellphones to be banned from their shows. They want to encourage people to interact and live in the moment, create a concert experience the way it was twenty years ago before technology. They put a lot of effort planning and rehearsing tours, only to be greeted with a sea of cellphones recording their shows. It has become such an issue that they have had to create cellphone lock cases for concerts.  

A company called Yondr has created lock cases for phones during concerts. They can only be unlocked upon exiting a venue.

 Can you think of the last time you were completely present? Completely emerged in the situation around you. Can you recall small details of that event? How it made you feel? Who did you meet? Why were you there? What did you learn?

Why should you make an effort to be present?

When you are mentally engaged in a situation you remember details, learn more, and feel more of a connection to what is happening around you. Being present gives you:


Appreciation: How often do you walk by flowers and not smell them? When you are living in the moment, you notice the smaller things in life, things that make you happy, sad or full of emotions. Being present allows you to observe the world around you with a fresh view on life, like a child discovering things for the first time, you find yourself rediscovering many things.

When you appreciate the world around you, you often stop over-analyzing and labelling thing/people things that don’t matter. You put less effort into judging others and being upset over stuff that doesn’t matter.

OT1C850Boost Creativity: Be inspired by the details, you often overlook, this will spark imagination and ignite your creativity. When you are on your way to work, you can drive the same route every day, but notice something new each time. That new store or mural you saw may provoke the thought you needed to finish a project or start a new one.

Social skills: We are unintentionally hiding behind social media, most of the time planning, typing and re-typing what we want to say. When you’re present there are no rehearsals this is you, and this is happening now. Confidence and conversation start to flow more naturally and being shy starts to become a thing of the past. You start to notice things you have in common with people, making conversation and connecting easier.

Reduces Stress: Knowing what is going on around you can reduce stress. When you mentally present in a lecture you remember more and can better prepare yourself for an exam. Also, if you are thinking in the moment you are not focusing on events in the future or past that could be making you nervous, like job interviews or exams.

blurry image background of many audience concert in big rock con

Emotional Connections: When you go through an experience with someone it creates a bond. You may not be friends, it could be a stranger, but you have lived through an experience that only you and those people could share.

A great example of creating emotional connections is by going to a concert, how did you feel when they played your favourite song? Did you cry, laugh, sing along? Who was there with you? Did you meet someone new?


Mental Health: Feeling connected to others creates a sense of belonging, community and confidence. When you are thinking about the present, you don’t dwell on past mistakes or embracing encounters your mind is free and in the now. Being mentally present can do wonders for your mental health, you put less pressure on yourself, judge yourself and others less. It helps you discover who you are as a person and can give you new confidence in your abilities.

Small Changes to Help be More Present


Ditch the phone: As amazing as technology is when it comes to socializing and being present it can make it harder for us to leave our shells. Awkward situations may have you reaching for your phone resist the urge and make the best out of the moment. People survived awkward encounters before cell phones you can too!


In an experiment called “The iPhone Effect” 200 hundred people were asked to have conversations, meaningful or casual with and without a phone present. Any time a phone was visible the quality of the conversation was rated as less fulfilling than when the phone was removed from the scenario.

Why was this? Did the phone possibly act as a distraction even though it was not being used? Likely, the person was probably thinking about checking their phone and not giving their full attention to the conversation.

When you are trying to be fully aware of your surroundings and mentally present, place you somewhere out of site. It may seem weird at first, but you will feel more relaxed and at the moment once you are used to it.

Talk to people: Talk to the people around you and listen! Everyone can learn something from anyone. It can be pretty easy to spot someone else that is “present” talk to them. This could lead to interesting conversations, friendship or even a job the possibilities are endless. 

Breathing is key: Are you feeling nervous about your surroundings? Start to keep track of your breathing. Try to have strong deep breaths think about where you are right now and how you are feeling? Notice your body, where are your hands placed, are you hot or cold?

Young women yoga indoors keep calm and meditates while practicin

Sometimes we become lost in our minds because we are in an uncomfortable situation. Like a large crowd or a workplace meeting, and our minds are trying to calm us down by not thinking about anything but the present. Think of these situations as challenges. We don’t personally evolve unless we are put into situations we aren’t familiar with. Breathing will ground you, release stress and give you the little boost you need to get through and grow in the moment.

Yoga is a great practice to help you become more present and intuned with your body and your environment. Also, yoga can be done anywhere, Gaiam is a great website for beginners who want to start yoga at home.