Geocaching: Family Tresure Hunt

Geocaching a Family Adventure 

What is Geocaching?
Geocaching is the world’s biggest outdoor treasure hunt! Players use GPS to navigate the world and discover geocaches (containers) hidden around the globe. Caches can be any size from as small as an old film canister to a large shipping container.

Who can play?
Everyone can play! Grab your friends, family, GPS and head out on a treasure hunt.

Where can I find one?
Geocaches are everywhere! In fact, there are probably a couple around you right now.

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When can I Geocache?
Anytime! Although daylight is usually preferred. Geocaches are hidden in public locations.

Why should I go Geocaching?
Geocaching is a great adventure for the whole family.

It promotes family bonding by working together to achieve a common goal.
Gets you outside and in nature, the weather is only so warm and sunny for so long!

It’s an excellent learning activity for children, it teaches them how to use maps, coordinates and GPS’s.

Walking is great exercise! Fresh air helps to clear your head, induce creativity and helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Walking also lowers your risk of cancers, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Also, is it still considered exercise if you are having fun?

Oh, and it’s free!  There is subscription available for those who are more serious about geocaching but it isn’t necessary to play. The subscription cost $30US/ year and unlocks more advanced maps, offline maps, and premium geocaches.


Do I need to bring anything?
Pick a nice weekend for a hike and make a day out of it! You will need a phone with GPS or a compass, pen, paper and a positive attitude! Pack drinks and snacks and have a nice picnic. The essentials like bug spray, band-aids, hats and sunscreen are always a good idea as well.

Sign me up!

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 1.35.34 PM1. Register at
2. Download the geocaching app
Google Play
App Store
3. Enter your location and search for geocaches in your area. Choose a geocache in your skill level. If caching with children chose the easiest ones, they are generally on the trail and easy and safe to find. Some of the more difficult caches are in dangerous terrain and very hard to find. They are not recommended for children.


  • If you take something from the geocache, leave something of equal or greater value.
  • Sign your name or team name in the log book.
  • Log it online and keep track of all your geocaches.
  • Be safe and have fun!


What you may find

Geocaches carry many different things left by people who have found them before. Often small trinkets like rings, toy dinosaurs and pogs. They almost always have a piece of paper (Log) for you to write “I was here”.

Sometimes you will come across TravelBugs. (Don’t worry they’re not real bugs)


These are called trackables. Online you can register your TravelBug and keep track of where it moves too around the world. The furthest known TravelBug called Steve’sgeo-backpack has logged 1.6 miles and still travelling!

If you find a trackable and decide to take it you must

  1. Log it online
  2. Let it free! Help it travel around the globe by placing it in a different geocache

Create your own TravelBug 

You can purchase Travelbugs from the Geocache website. Register them to your account then place and log where you let your bug free. Then watch it travel the world!


Unique Geocache’s Around the World 


Have fun, be safe and happy caching!