Coming Soon! VRoom2 – VR Mobile Car Racing App

Vroom2 is part of the W5Go’s educational apps series for children 5-8. This children’s game is meant to encourage children to see the many possibilities for recycling, spark their imagination and put their creativity to work.

Create your own custom ride in the Vroom2 Virtual reality garage.




VR Garage

Race into action, build your own custom ride with over 6 million combinations, hit the tracks and test your skills.

Customize your car in the Vroom2 360 virtual reality garage. With over 100 recycled parts to choose from, there are over 6 million possible car combinations, each affecting your performance in different ways. Donuts, plates, baskets, chopsticks, balloons and so much more! Build your ride and see how it test out on one of the many Vroom2 tracks.



  • Easy Controls
  • Millions of Car Combinations
  • VR Garage
  • Insane Tracks 
  • Multiplayer Online
  • Develop fine motor-skills


An App with Sustainable Development Goals 

This app was designed with the UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)  in mind! We want to encourage children to use their imagination and see the possibilities of recycling. By incorporating recycling and small gestures into our lives, we can help children see how small daily actions reduce our waste. By doing this we pass on important morals and values to children and instill an appreciation for nature within them.

When we learn to reduce waste and encourage innovation by recycling we hope to help achieve the following goals.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption
Goal 13: Climate Action
Goal 14: Life Below Water

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Are Video Games Good for Children?

Since the introduction of videos games in the early 1970’s the world has had mixed reviews on whether or not video games are good for children. With so many advancements in technology, it is a great idea to gradually introduce children since their adult lives will most likely involve these technologies.

Everything is good in moderation, and video games are no exception! Research shows that children that spent one hour a week gaming showed better motor skills and higher achievements in school.

Playing video games can yield many benefits for developing children and even adults.

5 Benefits of Video Games 

327549-P9JVVK-103Language Skills Video games are a great way for children to learn a language. Reading the text on the screen, as well as hearing voice-overs children are exposed to new vocabulary and can gradually develop stronger language skills through play.

Every game has a set of instructions many are adventures where you need to accomplish a task to move forward and complete the game. Following instructions helps to improve reading comprehension. Reading and understanding a task and then implementing what you know will not only help you win the game but is a strong skill that applies to all areas in life.

Problem-Solving & Concentration Skills –  Games are mainly stories with a series of puzzles you need to solve to get to the end. Some with many different storylines, tasks, characters, and more complex scenarios there is plenty to keep track of and remember when completing a video game. Thus, making you sharpen your concentration and problem-solving skills. 

Two kids using tablet pc under blanket at night. Cute Brothers with tablet computer in a dark room smilingA lot of these puzzles are trial and error, trying things over until you get it right. Some psychologists refer to this as deep practice.

Deep practice teaches you to focus on a task, fully immersing yourself in it until you reach the desired outcome. When you learn to put your mind into this level of concentration, you tend to notice more details in your work and learn more efficiently. Fun fact they used deep practice as a part of fighter pilot training.

Hand-eye Coordination & Multitasking – Video games have been proven to improve hand-eye coordination over time. Hand-eye coordination is important for sports, handwriting, typing skills, reaction time and can help you become more productive in everyday tasks.
260704-P4K1T2-273The University of Toronto studied the relation between video games and hand-eye coordination. The study tested 18 gamers ( who played a first-person shooter game at least three times a week for at least two hours each time), and non-gamers on a follow the target task. The initial test showed no difference between the group. During the six month period, there was not much difference or improvement in the early stages. Over time the gamers became more accurate and showed significantly better hand-eye coordination.

Social skills & Team Building – We often think of video games as being anti-social, but it really is quite the opposite. Most games are now built with large communities involved, connect with your friends online, or attending one of the many video game expos.
Some franchises have gathered such a following these communities have become more like families.

Video games create an online environment where we can work together as a team to achieve a goal. Some games such as league of legends or fortnight require you to create a strategy and work together to win a round.

260196-P4JXDC-881Mental Health –  Video games are not only a useful learning tool, but they have great benefits for mental health.  Coming home from a hard day at school or work and playing a video game for an hour can definitely help you to relax.

Studies show that playing 30 minutes of video games per day can treat anxiety and depression at a level that rivals prescription medication. Specifically, puzzle games like Angry Birds, Tetris or Bejewelled have shown a great ability to alleviate anxiety and depression.


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