Healthy Kids


“Healthy Kids focuses on activities around the five senses, food groups, and hygiene. Animated characters discuss the topic and then provide 3D animated activities in which children can participate. The app also includes a grab bag of additional activities such as puzzles, spelling simple words, and counting. Finally, there are videos around the topics of play and bullying. The quality can be a bit uneven, but there is a lot of content in the app.” – Moms With Apps Blog 


“It looks good and is kid-friendly. The content and subject matter would be useful in the classroom. ” – Google User



“Fun, educational, and a great resource for parents! My child quite enjoyed playing the games. The food count was her favorite!” –  Jess

Books & Reading Mobile App


Books & Reading App

Books_Reading01_2019“My son really enjoyed this episode which is totally free without advertising. It came in handy because we just started teaching him the basics of reading. Quite surprising how much value this game actually has. I also played through it myself, it’s really funny and educative. Can’t wait for the next lesson!” — Kevin Gao, Ph.D. – Computer Vision Engineer